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  • Luella assessed the errors of pronunciation very carefully using a variety of techniques including recording my voice. Then she provided me a lesson plan that was designed and tailored to my need. These lessons have been very helpful; beside the pronunciation practice, I learned a lot of vocabulary from these lessons. I have taken a pronunciation classes before and bought several audio programs to improve my accent and I am convinced that Luella’s accent modification therapy program is the most creative, effective, and helpful one. If your goal is to present, communicate and speak with clarity and confidence, do not hesitate to enroll in this program.
    Social Worker, Winnipeg (Click to Read More)
  • As an early years educator, I understand the importance between strong oral language, self confidence, reading, writing, and learning. After spending a summer with my daughter working with Luella’s program I saw the benefits and ease of practice while using the computer generated programs. The games kept her interested and improved her speech. Most days I didn’t even have to remind her! What an innovative way to motivate and improve. Thanks, Luella
    Junior Kindergarten, private school teacher and Mom (Click to Read More)
  • Luella has assisted my son in speech therapy for a few years and his speech has improved greatly. One of the best aspects of her therapy is that you can do it through a special program called SRS which can be done right from the comfort of your own home online. The therapy has worked wonders.
    Winnipeg parent (Click to Read More)
  • There is always room to do better in articulation and in communication. Luella Jonk guarantees you that. I have had sessions with her and I am very happy. I have no regrets.
    UDO.CN., Winnipeg, MB (Click to Read More)
  • I have a moderate to severe hearing loss and because of this people always had difficulty understanding my speech. After working with Luella, I understand more about syllable stress and segmentation. This alone has really changed the way I speak. Little by little, people are understanding me more. My goal is to have a conversation with someone and not need to write what I want to say­ but instead say it. Luella is helping me with this journey and I am seeing improvements already.
    Mingyu H. Winnipeg, MB (Click to Read More)
  • Luella’s program provided me the best opportunity to improve my speaking skills and utilize it in my graduate studies. I enrolled in her program while I was in my first year as a Master’s student. After her program, I was able to express myself definitively in a crowd of people without the constant fear of embarrassment. My communication skills got better and it gave me the confidence to interact constantly with students, colleagues, and professionals. I am currently in my Doctoral studies, and I can say I invested in the right speech program. It is helping me succeed.
    U of M Doctoral Student (Click to Read More)
  • Since taking these lessons with Luella Jonk I have made tremendous progress in my pronunciation. Before, people would have a hard time understanding what I am saying. They would always ask me to repeat. Now I speak more clearly, my confidence is boosted and I am doing much better at my job as a Financial Consultant. The online platform, Speak, Read, & Spell is self explanatory, very easy to understand and a great way to practice my exercises between sessions.
    Elvis E, Winnipeg MB (Click to Read More)

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