You may be curious why I do what I do. I LOVE helping people to communicate effectively and gain confidence. Everyone has a right to that privilege. My goal is to help people realize their potential and become confident speakers.

I have worked as a registered speech language pathologist (RSLP) for 20 years since obtaining my Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from Missouri State University. After working in this field for some time I realized I would benefit from a bigger skill set, so I decided to pursue a degree in counselling. Being a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) assists me in the treatment of speech deficits that have underlying psychological components – which many do.

Further on in my career I obtained an Interdisciplinary Doctorate degree from the University of Manitoba that included the departments of Linguistics, Education, Psychology and Nursing. This degree allowed me to pursue my interests in teaching and research.

A speech language pathologist will give you expert advice in the science of linguistics and phonetics. We are highly trained in how breath carries voice, and how that voice then becomes speech. The act of taking air into your lungs in order to produce a word or utterance is a very complicated process, and not one that just anyone can train you in accomplishing. Cognition and language acquisition is another large aspect of what we are trained in; that is, how the thought is transformed into speech.

Knowing how a sound is produced has assisted me in my work with foreign students. I have a strong interest in language acquisition, foreign languages and dialects. Accent modification allows me to tie these interests together.

I love what I do mainly because of the gratification it gives to me. My students are often so motivated that it makes my job easy. They are so grateful for the transformation they hear within in their speech and voice production capabilities. This then carries me further to into my professional pursuits. I still consider myself a student; I am continually trying to make my service better through continued education and research on speech, voice and technology. My most recent achievement is the creation of Speak. Read. & Spell. an e-learning platform for educators.

Luella Jonk, PhD

Speech Pathologist
Registered Professional Counsellor


305 Kingston Crescent, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada