The Accent Modification Program

Are you tired of repeating yourself? Do you have friends, colleagues, or associates give you ‘that look’ of confusion after you said something? Make a change for the better. Start by clicking on the button below to send me a sample of your speech.


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No obligation. No fee. Simple honest feedback from a professional speech therapist and accent coach.

Everyone starts with an initial evaluation which will take approximately one hour to complete. With this evaluation you will get a detailed profile of what the target sounds areas you need to work on, as well as an evaluation of your overall speech pattern or supra-segmentals of speech: prosody (stress, intonation, inflection), rate, and tone.

In summary, after this initial evaluation, you will understand what you will need to change in order to sound more "American" or (I prefer to say) "Canadian".

The Program: The 50-minute session will take place once a week and will target the sounds or speech supra-segmentals identified in your assessment. Between our once a week course you will have specific customized homework assigned to you which you are expected to complete and will take 10-15 minutes each day. If you are considering registering for this course you need to be honest with yourself and schedule this practice time in you day-timer. If you decide to sign on for an additional 4 weeks after the 8-week course - then you will receive lifelong access to the online audio practice materials. Most students that have taken the 8 weeks do indeed sign up!

The Speak, Read, & Spell e-Learning Experience

I have produced my own online version of the course to provide the student 24/7 access to their exercises. Please refer to our current list of courses and prices. The lessons and activities are engaging, effective, and ever-changing. Students can send practice audio recordings to the instructor for essential feedback and guidance.

Other information worth noting….



Typically, insurance companies cover anywhere from $300.00 - $1000.00 for speech therapy services per annum. You might also ask your employer if they would consider paying for your program or a percentage thereof, as your improved intelligibility would reflect well on their company.


Every student who takes this program will learn something about their articulation and voice quality. How much progress one makes is often a reflection of how much work and time put into the course. However, I have not had a student who did not benefit. Click here to read the latest testimonials for yourself!


I use a standardized approach to ensure the progress of each student regardless of the initial percentage of their accent, native language or languages, or how long they have lived in Canada. I also use a standardized evaluation to determine the exact percentage of your accent before classes and a similar re-evaluation to determine the exact level of progress.

I am constantly working on the program, and do my very best to help reach your professional goals. Please do not refrain to send me your questions, which I may have failed to address today.

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I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this information helps you determine if this program is right for you.